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         Anxiety, depression, and stress in pregnancy are risk factors that are detrimental to mothers and children. Anxiety in pregnancy is associated with shorter gestational age and has adverse implications for neural and fetal development. Symptoms of anxiety in the mother during pregnancy are associated with low birth weight babies. This study aims to determine the effect of caring packages on the anxiety level of third trimester pregnant women before delivery. Caring packages that will be given in the form of education and relaxation to overcome anxiety. This type of research is quantitative non-experimental and the design is analytic observational with cross sectional approach. The sampling of this study uses Cluster random sampling that is 75 pregnant women in the third trimester. Data collection used the Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety questionnaire (HRS-A) to measure maternal third trimester anxiety levels before and after the caring package. Data analysis techniques that will be used are univariate and bivariate tests with T-Test. The results obtained p value = 0.001 (<0.05), there is a very significant difference between the level of anxiety before and after giving Caring packages for anxiety of pregnant women. It is expected for midwives to be able to carry out caring packages for pregnant women who experience anxiety, pay attention not only to the physical condition but also the psychological condition of pregnant women

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